Wi-Fi Site Survey

Crowded Space

The Wi-Fi frequency spectrum has become more crowded with older Wi-Fi technologies. It's like FM radio when you are moving from one area to another and the station you are listening to has another station on the same frequency in the new area. You hear both stations. Whether you are due for a Wi-Fi upgrade or moving into a new space, let us create a design that will help alleviate the crowd with a Wi-Fi site survey.

Scientific Approach

S-Wave Telecommunications utilizes other aspects of STEM, as we take a scientific approach to wireless access point placement. A wireless access point is your wireless device's entry point into your network. If you were to study Wi-Fi design, you would find that it is truly out of the realm of Electrical Engineering. Why not use a scientific approach to deliver this engineering solution. We use a combination of software and hardware tools to scan your radio frequency (RF) environment in the Wi-Fi frequency spectrum to identify Wi-Fi and non-WiFi sources of interference to help us determine better placement of your wireless access points.