Cellular Networks

Potpourri of Communications


Many may think of your cell phone as working completely without wires. On the contrary, cellular networks are accomplished using a mixture of types of communications. Obviously, there is the wireless or the radio frequency (RF) piece. Beyond antennas and radios, there are routers, switches, batteries, electrical and fiber optic cabling, etc. S-Wave Telecommunications has experience in a variety of these areas.

Carrier Experience


S-Wave Telecommunications has many years of carrier experience, including AT&T and Verizon. We have had our hand in building the contemporary mobile communications networks you may be using at this very moment. We are experienced in the implementation of Cisco and Juniper routers, switches and firewalls. We have hundreds of thousands of Drive Test miles using various analytical software tools, such as TEMS Discovery. We are experienced in the installation and commission LTE equipment. All of the aforementioned areas only touch the surface of our experience.

Influencing Civilization Together


We have the power to positively change civilization together. Communication was powerful before electronics and continues to be key in powerfully serving humanity. Call us and let's meet this challenge together.