About Us


 To serve and progress a world that is rooted in the use of Telecommunications and diverse technologies. 



Fortify your Telecommunications and technology infrastructure by providing breadth and depth in analysis, engineering with respect to design and implementation, project management, continual engineering and technical support.



To be the preferred solution provider for high reliability interconnects and infrastructure while maximizing stakeholder value. Providing industry standard equipment while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

Welcome to S-Wave Telecommunications

S-Wave Telecommunications was founded in 2004 along with its sister company, LM Science and Engineering. Together they serve most areas of STEM. S-Wave Telecommunications started in the cellular industry and has expanded to provide telecommunication and other technology services and solutions that cover any industry. 


S-Wave Telecommunications is a diversely talented and skilled company that has its roots in Telecommunications. I would like you to have a basic and true understanding of what Telecommunications is. As the prefix tele- suggests the meaning distant, adding the word communications in our context means electronic communications over a distance. Therefore, to drive it home simply, Telecommunications is communications over a distance by way of electronic and optical technologies. I believe in order to understand what the value of a company would be to you, it is very important to have a clear and simple understanding of what that company does. Also, this minimizes confusion of erroneously relating the company’s core competencies to other disciplines or industries, further conveying the potential value of that company to you.

Although S-Wave Telecommunications has its roots in Telecommunications, its service offerings expand into areas that are beyond Telecommunications, i.e. Storage. However, with that being said, these areas are tied to Telecommunications, as communications is a necessity for these other areas to be effective. S-Wave Telecom invests in virtually the total Telecommunications solution, from Mobile to Internet to VoIP. These solutions that the world has come to expect are riding on the hard work, talents and skills of people who work on aspects of the outside and inside Telecommunications infrastructure. The Cloud is an area that is not totally a Telecommunications solution, but is partially such. The Cloud does not happen without Telecommunications. The Cloud is a place where people can share content and ideas, but with the ability to access the content and ideas from anywhere in the world and perhaps beyond. If we take electronics out of the picture and speak of the normal way people share content and ideas, we still see that communication is a necessity for that sharing. This concept is as old as humanity, but electronics is pertinent in the form of communication that S-Wave Telecom specializes in.