Renaissance Man

Entrepreneur, Youth Supporter, Thinker, Investor, Scientist, Engineer, Technician, Mathematician, Programmer, Drummer.


C. Lamont McGee


Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

As founder, president and chief executive officer of S-Wave Telecommunications, Lamont insures strategic direction with entrepreneurial passion and is engaged in daily operations to insure that the company’s short term and long term goals are met.

Lamont founded the company in 2004 and has been engaged in STEM for nearly 40 years. With the near 30 years in Telecom, plus the fascination and experimentation with communications in the years preceding, when Lamont was absorbed in Programming and Electrical Engineering work and study, he cultivated a technical knowledge base that allows an understanding of various areas that assist in company growth. His entrepreneurial vision as early as high school and experience in founding and building earlier companies allow him to guide the company more effectively operationally and strategically.

Lamont’s commitment to serve humanity is evident in his daily professional and personal activities. Lamont is also founder, president and chief executive officer of LM Science and Engineering, a company whose mission is “Serving Humanity with Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology”. He is a recurrent supporter of the Boy Scouts of America. Lamont is a member of the Atlanta Ol’ Skool Drummers, who perform in service for the Lupus Foundation’s Walk to End Lupus Now and the American Diabetes Tour De Cure.

Lamont holds a degree in Computer Science, as well as possessing great experience in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on Electronics. His focus on Science and Engineering was ignited by an affinity and passion for Mathematics. In addition to insuring that his companies are active in the community with Youth Education, Lamont insures that he touches the communities of Atlanta with his other passions.


Ambitiously Serving Humanity

C. Lamont McGee, on a mission in leading S-Wave Telecommunications with creative vision to deliver solutions to serve humanity.